null Get your pass to a metro station at a glance

Flaga Wielkiej Brytanii



Ticket dispensers, from which passes to ticket zones in metro stations can be obtained, are available at all stations of Metro Lines 1 and 2. There is at least one ticket dispenser per station, to be found at the entrance gates. The passes are similar to cardboard tickets with a magnetic strip and are used to open the metro gates. They are multiple-use passes.

The passes are intended for people who use mobile-phone tickets purchased via the mobile app or in ticket vending machines installed in WTP vehicles, and for people with entitlements to a free ride in public transport in the case they have not been encoded on the Warsaw City Card.

Gates equipped with QR code readers have been installed at each metro station. They allow people with mobile-phone and vehicle tickets (with QR codes) to get into the metro.

Passengers should be able to obtain passes from train dispatchers at each metro station. 


Where can I collect the pass and how can an elderly person entitled to a free ride get to the platform?

Passengers can collect a multiple-use pass from the Passenger Service Point enabling them to get through the gates. Elderly people can use a lift to get to the platform.


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