null How to validate tickets in Koleje Mazowieckie trains

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The ZTM tickets available in the “ZTM - KM - WKD Collective Ticket” package are accepted on KM and WKD trains on condition that they are valid during the travel, i.e. they have been activated or validated.

You can activate/validate your ticket:

  1. during a previous ride in a ZTM line vehicle or at a ticket gate in the metro;

  2. using a validating machine in KM trains operating along the RL line;

  3. using a validating machine available at selected railway stations;

  4. at the KM train conductor’s (in order to activate or validate your ZTM ticket, you should enter the train through the first door counting from the head of the train and immediately report to the conductor).

The tickets validated by the train conductor in public transport vehicles are checked by ticket inspectors using ticket inspection devices.

If the data recorded on the magnetic strip indicate that the ticket is out of date, it is considered invalid despite the data recorded by the train conductor.

If the ticket with the above-mentioned data is validated at a later date, using either the validating machine or the metro gate, the validity of that ticket is counted from the date and time entered by the train conductor.

Tickets are accepted on the basis of civil law contracts concluded between the Public Transport Authority and Koleje Mazowieckie [Mazovian Railways ‒ KM] and Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa [Warsaw Commuter Railway ‒ WKD] on providing transport services by collective transport ‒ trains operated by KM and WKD.

ZTM-KM-WKD Collective Ticket


Airport connection

In Koleje Mazowieckie trains operating along the RL line on the Chopin Airport ‒ Warszawa Płudy section, all ZTM tickets are accepted (also 20-minute tickets, and 75-minute and 90-minute single-fare transfer tickets).

In SKM trains operating along the S2 line on the Chopin Airport ‒ Waszawa Wschodnia section, and along the S3 line on the Chopin Airport ‒ Warszawa Płudy section, all KM tickets enabling travel to respective stations are accepted. 


During ticket inspections carried out in public transport vehicles (buses, trams, metro, SKM trains) passengers holding the Koleje Mazowieckie tickets encoded on their Mazovian Card are obliged to show, together with the card, the “Sales document” confirming the encoding of specific tickets on the above-mentioned card. Failing to do so will result in an additional charge being imposed on the passenger for the lack of a valid travel document.

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