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Suspending and reactivating tickets

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During an epidemic emergency, you  may suspend your long-term ticket (30- or 90-day– valid in any ticketing zone, including Varsovian tickets, metropolitan tickets, annual tickets for families with three children and Senior Tickets) on the website (opens in a new window). You only need to provide the card number. The money spent will not be “lost” – unused ticket time can be recoded to another date.

Can be suspended three times

A new order of the Mayor of Warsaw makes an important change. Until now, passengers could make such an operation only once. Since 9 October the validity of a ticket may be suspended three times during a calendar year, but under certain conditions. If you already used this option once, e.g. in April, you will be able do this again two more times before 31 December 2020. Starting from the new year, the number of suspensions available is reset to three. Furthermore, a ticket cannot be suspended for less than five consecutive days, so the validity date must be longer than five days. The suspension period runs from the day of notification by the passenger to the day preceding reactivation day.


The ticket can be reactivated in two ways: by purchasing and activating another ticket, or by reporting the reactivation through the website (opens in a new window) or in person at any ZTM Passenger Service Point. Please note, however, that ticket reactivation via the online platform does not automatically recode the suspended number of days to another date on the personalised Warsaw City Card (or other carrier approved by ZTM). This operation is only possible at any ZTM Passenger Service Point. However, you do not need to come to a PSP right away – it can be done at any time.

The passenger may return a purchased ticket any time and receive a refund for the unused validity period in line with the Transport Tariff rules.

The suspension rules for long-term personal tickets are laid down by Order No. 1234/2020 of the Mayor of Warsaw of 9 October 2020 on the rules of ticket suspension, available on the website of the Public Information Bulletin of the Capital City of Warsaw (opens in a new window).

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Background information

The tickets provide unlimited travel on all day and night lines from validation to 23.59 on the thirtieth validity day.

The tickets are are included in the ZTM-KM-WKD Integrated Ticket offering and may be used to travel by Mazovian Railways and Warsaw Commuter Rail trains.

Long-term tickets are encoded on the Warsaw City Card or other acceptable carriers (electronic ID cards) (opens in a new window)

On your first journey, you must validate the ticket upon boarding the vehicle, or, when using the the underground, at the entry gate before entering the platform, or at the ticket validator by the lift. To validate the ticket, hold the card close to the marked area on the validator.

The tickets are available as personal and bearer tickets.

To check the validity of your ticket, hold the card close to the ticket validator.

Each long-term personal ticket can be used only in Zone 1 or for both ticket Zones – 1 and 2. Long-term bearer tickets are valid in Zones 1 and 2.

In Mazovian Railways trains a long-term ticket can be activated in the front carriage, with the assistance of the train manager.

Some Mazovian Rail and Warsaw Commuter Rail stations feature ZTM ticket validators, which can be used to activate long-term tickets. ZTM validators are located at ticket offices (e.g. at the PKP Pruszków station).

Types and prices of long-term tickets

Long-term personal tickets:

  1. 30-day valid in Zone 1 – regular: PLN 110.00, reduced: PLN 55.00

  2. 30-day valid in Zone 1 and 2 – regular: PLN 180, reduced: PLN 90.00

  3. 90-day valid in Zone 1 – regular: PLN 280.00, reduced: PLN 140.00

  4. 90-day valid in Zone 1 and 2 - regular: PLN 460.00, reduced: PLN 230.00

Tickets valid only in Zone 2:

  1. 30-day personal tickets – regular: PLN 112.00, reduced: PLN 56.00

  2. 90-day personal tickets – regular: PLN 282.00, reduced: PLN 141.00


Long-term bearer tickets:

  1. 30-day valid in Zones 1 and 2 – regular: PLN 230.00, reduced: PLN 115.00

  2. 90-day valid in Zones 1 and 2 – regular: PLN 600.00, reduced: PLN 300.00

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