Warszawska Karta Miejska

null The Warsaw City Card with a selfie

Flaga Wielkiej Brytanii



You can now obtain the Warsaw City Card within a few minutes.

You can take the required photo with your own phone at the ZTM Passenger Service Point.

ZTM has made it possible to obtain the Warsaw City Card at any of its Passenger Service Points without the need to provide a photograph in paper format. 

You only need to go to the ZTM Passenger Service Point, take a selfie or use a photo already stored in your mobile phone.

During a visit at the Passenger Service Point, you can now apply for the card in the following manner: go to the website (opens in a new window) or scan the QR available at the cash desk.

Then select a photo from your mobile-phone photo gallery, read the information clause, consent to the processing of your personal details and send the photo.

A one-off individual code will be displayed on the screen of your mobile phone, which you should provide to the Passenger Service Point staff.

Once the card is issued, your photo will be removed from the system.

How to take a suitable photo

Your face should be clearly visible in the photo from the top of your head to the shoulder line.

It is important not to take the photo with a head covering, glasses with dark lenses on, or your hair covering your face.

Take the identity document with you

Remember to take a document confirming your identity with you.  



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