null Assigning a PESEL number in relation to the conflict in Ukraine

Step by step

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  1. Complete the application for a PESEL number:
    1. in Polish-Ukrainian or
    2. in Polish-Russian.
  2. Include a recent photo.
  3. Submit the application at the Administration & Civil Affairs Department Delegation at at any district office.
  4. When filing the application for a PESEL (national identification number), please present a document confirming identity and citizenship:
    1. travel document,
    2. Pole’s Card,
    3. other document with a photo,
    4. a birth certificate in the case of persons below the age of 18.

Documents required

  1. Completed and signed application for a PESEL number:
    1. in Polish-Ukrainian or
    2. in Polish-Russian.
  2. Document confirming identity.
  3. Colour photograph with dimensions 35 x 45 mm made on photographic paper not earlier than 6 months before the date of submitting the application and meeting requirements specified in Article 29 of the Act on ID cards. 
  4. Documents confirming details provided in point 1 of the application (details of the parent of a minor).

In order to obtain a trusted profile, you need:

  1. active mobile phone with a number from a Polish telecommunications operator used solely by you,
  2. an active email address.


There is no fee for assigning a PESEL number. 

Where to submit and collect

Unit in charge

Time limit for reply

Without undue delay.

Appeal procedure

None – material and technical action.


  1. A PESEL can be obtained by
    1. citizens of Ukraine
    2. citizens of Ukraine who are holders of Pole’s Card
    3. members of the immediate family of a Ukrainian citizen holding Pole's Card
    4. spouses of Ukrainian citizens who do not have Ukrainian citizenship

who came to the territory of Poland from the territory of Ukraine due to war operations carried out in Ukraine since 24 February 2022.

  1. A PESEL cannot be obtained by citizens of Ukraine who
    1. have a permanent residence permit, temporary residence permit, a residence permit for a long-term EU resident, a refugee status, subsidiary protection, permit for tolerated stay
    2. who have filed in the Republic of Poland applications for international protection or such applications have been submitted on their behalf; who have declared their intention to apply for international protection in the Republic of Poland or whom such declarations concern.
  2. Applications should be filed in person in a written form in any commune office in the Republic of Poland.
  3. Children below the age of 12 do not need to be present during the application submission, except for situations when their identity is to be established on the basis of a declaration referred to in section 8.
  4. The application should be submitted by a person having a full capacity for legal actions.
  5. On behalf of a person not having a capacity for legal actions or with a limited capacity for legal actions the application is filed by one of the parents, a guardian, a temporary guardian established by a guardianship court or a person with a de facto custody over the child.
  6. Identity can be confirmed on the basis of an invalidated document if it enables the verification of the person’s identity. In the absence of an identity document, the identity is confirmed on the basis of a declaration.
  7. The person whom the application concerns will be fingerprinted in the process of submitting the application, except for persons
    1. below the age of 12
    2. for whom it is temporarily physically impossible to collect fingerprints from any finger
    3. for whom collecting fingerprints is physically impossible.
  8. Persons aged 18 or more can submit, together with their PESEL application, a consent for introducing their details (email, mobile phone number) in the contact details register and for the confirmation of their trusted profile.  
  9. In order to obtain a trusted profile, you need a mobile phone with a number from a Polish telecommunications operator used solely by you and an active email address.

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