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Before you bury a person who has died, you must report their death to the Civil Registrar’s Office (CRO). You have 3 days from the date of issue of the death chart to do so. If the person died from an infectious disease - you only have 24 hours from the time of death.
Who can report a death:

  • the spouse of the person who has died,
  • the deceased person's other family, e.g. children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, parents, grandparents, brother, sister, niece, nephew, in-laws,
  • authorized representative of one of the above-mentioned persons.


  1. If the person died in Warsaw, come to Civil Registrar’s Office in Warsaw. You will find details in Submitting and Collection Point section.
  2. Take the death chart and the deceased's identity document with you. Don't forget your identity document either.
  3. The head of the Civil Registrar’s Office will register the death (i.e. draw up the death certificate) on the day it is reported. Once the death has been registered, you will receive one free abridged copy of the death certificate. If you need another one, you have to apply and pay for it. In some situations, additional copies will also be free of charge. See the Fees section for details.

Required documents

  1. You will receive a death chart from the doctor who pronounced death.
  2. Identity document of the deceased person - identity card or passport in case of death of a foreigner.
  3. The identity document of the person who reports the death available for inspection.
  4. Power of attorney - if the death is reported by an authorized representative. If you wish to submit a copy of the power of attorney, it must be certified by a notary public or by the lawyer or the legal adviser who is the authorized representative in the case.

If you would like to check what rights you have in relation to the processing of your personal data in this case, please read our Information Clause.


You don't have to pay to report a death.
If you need more than 1 abridged copy of a death certificate you must complete an application form and pay the stamp duty:

  • PLN 22 - for an abridged copy,
  • PLN 33 - for a full copy.

[!] If you need a copy, for example, to submit to the Social Insurance Institution or to obtain an identity card, passport or child support, you can  receive an additional copy free of charge.

Possible additional fees

  • PLN 5 - fee for certification of a copy of a document (e.g. power of attorney) as a true copy of the original by an employee of the office. We calculate the fee for the certification of each page started. If you are submitting originals or documents already certified as true copies - we will not charge this fee.
  • PLN 17 - stamp duty for submitting a document which confirms the granting of a power of attorney or proxy. The power of attorney you give to a spouse, ascendant (parent, grandparent), descendant (child, grandchild) or sibling is free of charge. 

You can pay:

  • at any cash desk of the office,
  • at the fee machine at the Civil Registrar’s Office,
  • by bank transfer.

Make the transfer to the bank account:
City of Warsaw, Centre for Taxpayer’s Service
Bank account number: 21 1030 1508 0000 0005 5000 0070
Write in the title of the transfer what you are paying for, e.g. Stamp duty for a full copy of a death certificate.

Place where a document is submitted

Civil Registrar’s Office of the City of Warsaw

[!] You won't be able to settle a matter at the Foreign Trade Section at ul. T. Chałubińskiego 8 and in the Archival Civil Registry Division at ul. M. Flisa 6.

Responsible entity

Civil Registrar’s Office of the City of Warsaw

Deadline for reply

We will handle your case promptly.

Appeal mode

If the head of the Civil Registrar’s Office refuses to register the death, he/she will issue you with an administrative decision. From the moment you receive it, you have 14 days to appeal against it to the Mazovian Governor. Take the appeal to the head of the Civil Registrar’s Office who issued the decision.


  1. When you register a death, the deceased person will be automatically de-registered from his/her place of permanent or temporary residence and his/her identity card will be cancelled.

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