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If you have had a baby, you must report it to the Civil Registrar’s Office (hereafter CRO) within 21 days. Such an application can be made by the child's mother or father or the parent's attorney.


  1. You can submit an application in person at the office or online. You will find details in the Submission and Collection Point section.
  2. The head of the CRO will register the birth of the child, register the child and provide you with the child's PESEL (personal identification) number.
  3. You'll receive the following:
    • one free abridged copy of the birth certificate,
    • notification of the PESEL number assignment (if the child has been given a PESEL number),
    • confirmation of the child's registered place of residence (if the child is registered).

Required Documents

  1. Identity document of the parent reporting the birth (identity card or passport) for inspection.
  2. If the father of the child is not the husband of the child's mother, he should make a prior declaration of acknowledgement of paternity. Only then can the head of the CRO accept the birth notification from him and enter his details on the child's birth certificate. Such a declaration can be made by the father of the child before:
    • the head of any Civil Registrar’s Office,
    • consul of the Republic of Poland,
    • a court.

      [!] In order for the declaration to be valid, the child's mother should confirm it within 3 months from the date of the father's declaration. 
      A paternity acknowledgement declaration can be made to the office by the parents at the time of registration of the child's birth.
  3. If you are a foreigner, you must bring original foreign civil status documents that confirm the marital status of the child's mother for inspection. They must also be translated into Polish by a sworn translator. 
  4. If you wish to resolve the matter via proxy, prepare an appropriate power of attorney. If you wish to submit a copy of such a power of attorney it must be certified as a true copy by:
    • a notary or
    • an attorney or legal adviser who is an agent in the case or
    • the authorised official in charge of the case. You must then also present the original document.

If you wish to check what rights you have in relation to the processing of your personal data in this case, please read our Information Clause.


This service is free of charge.

Possible additional fees:

PLN 5 - fee for certification of a document copy for conformity with the original by an employee of the office. We charge the fee for the certification of each page started. If you are submitting originals or documents already certified as true copies - we will not charge this fee.
PLN 17 - stamp duty for submitting a document that confirms the granting of a power of attorney. The power of attorney you grant to a spouse, ascendant (parent, grandparent), descendant (child) or sibling is free of charge.

Submission and Collection Point

  1. via the Internet
  2. in person at the Civil Registrar’s Office of the City of Warsaw - for children born in Warsaw

I am applying online
If you have an electronic signature or a trusted profile, you can submit the application electronically via ePUAP. Find out how to set up a trusted profile or how to use an e-ID
If you want to log in with your e-ID, you need an ePUAP mailbox. It is used to communicate with the office. In the mailbox you will find, for example, your letters sent to the office via the "Obywatel" service and the ePUAP platform.
[!] To accept your application, the office must receive your child's birth certificate. It is forwarded to the office within 3 days by the authorised person who delivered the baby - for example, a doctor, midwife.

  1. Log in to ePUAP, fill out and sign the application. 
  2. You will receive a confirmation of the submission to your ePUAP mailbox and the e-mail you provided in your application. The CRO head may need clarification from you. Include your email address and telephone number in your application - this may expedite the processing of your case.
  3. Wait for the office's response. 

I am applying in person at the office

  1. Within 21 days of your birth certificate being drawn up, come to the Civil Registrar’s Office of the City of Warsaw. You will receive more information in the invitation letter from the hospital where your baby was born. The hospital has 3 days to send the birth certificate to the competent CRO.
  2. If the father of the child is not the mother's husband and wants to acknowledge his paternity - you must both appear at the office.
    [!] If you have already made a paternity acknowledgement declaration, then you do not have to both appear at the office.
  3. You will receive the documents immediately, on the day of the birth notification.


Civil Registry Office of the City of Warsaw.


The birth of a child is registered on the day of your application.
If you submit the application online - the birth is registered on the following working day.


The head of the CRO may refuse to accept the names you have chosen for your child. This may happen if they consider that the names do not meet the statutory requirements. If you do not propose another name, the head of the CRO will choose the child's name ex officio. This will register the birth immediately. You will then receive an administrative decision. If the head of the CRO issues such a decision - you have 14 days to appeal it to the governor. Take the appeal to the head of the CRO who issued the decision. 


  1. You can only report a child born in Poland.
  2. In order to accept your application, the CRO must receive the child's birth certificate, which is forwarded to it by the hospital within 3 days of its issue.
  3. You must report your child's birth within 21 days of the issue of the birth certificate. If you do not report the your child's birth to the authority by this deadline - the head of the CRO will choose a name for your child individually and register their birth. They will do so on the basis of the birth certificate.
  4. There is no formalised list of names you can give your child, but consider the limitations:
    • you cannot give your child more than 2 names,
    • the name must not be ridiculous or indecent,
    • the name may not be submitted in a diminutive form.
  5. You can choose a foreign name or names regardless of the citizenship or nationality of the child's parents. It may be a name that does not explicitly indicate gender, but is commonly assigned to a particular gender.
  6. If the baby is stillborn - report the birth within 3 days of the issue of the stillbirth card. The stillbirth card will be issued by the authorised person who delivered the baby - for example, a doctor or midwife - and will be forwarded to the Civil Registrar's Office within 1 day of its issue.


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